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Wizard Consulting Group is a FileMaker Application Development and Technology Consulting firm, based in Agoura Hills, California, that has been operating in Southern California & Ventura County since 1990. Its founder, Michael Frankel, has been working with computers and technology for over 25 years. His serious involvement with computers began in 1984, and his passion for technology has never ceased. Wizard Consulting Group services a wide variety of FileMaker and non-FileMaker clients on the Macintosh and Windows platforms, and offers particular expertise in integrating FileMaker with external systems, such as EDI, XML, PHP/MySQL, Web Services, and QuickBooks.
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Proactive Support for Macintosh Computers (Windows support coming soon)
We offer the following services to our customers: FileMaker Pro Application Design, Development, & Maintenance (versions 13 and 14) FileMaker Pro Application Development & Maintenance (versions 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14) Integration of FileMaker with EDI, XML, MySQL, and QuickBooks (Windows only) Integration of FileMaker with Web Services, such as Cdyne’s PhoneNotify system Technical Support for Macintosh and Windows Desktop & Laptop computers
We hold the following professional certifications: FileMaker Pro 7 Certified Developer FileMaker Pro 10 Certified Developer FileMaker Pro 11 Certified Developer FileMaker Pro 12 Certified Developer FileMaker Pro 13 Certified Developer
Authorized Provider for Watchman Monitoring Services
We are affiliated with the following professional groups and organizations: FileMaker Business Alliance (formerly FileMaker Solutions Alliance) FileMaker Authorized Reseller Apple Consultants Network FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC)
"Michael has provided excellent service to my company and my clients. He has developed very powerful solutions that have paid for themselves many times over because of the added capability they given. He is very easy to work with, and gives frequent updates on his work progress, which I really appreciate. He is a hard worker, and doesn't stop until he has produced the result he has promised to achieve." -- Allen Imbarrato, President, KiBiz Systems   "I have worked with Michael on numerous occasions and have always found him to be an excellent vendor. His work is meticulous, throughly documented, and of an excellent quality. I would recommend him to anyone who asks and will continue to use his work in the future." -- Sam Frankiel, Systems Administrator, The Ant Farm   "We have been working with Michael for over 6 years, our experience has always been highly professional and competent. There has never been a request which he could not fulfill. Our whole custom database was created and maintained by Michael, no one knows Filemaker better!" -- Randy Bauer, Owner and Director, Bauer-Griffin, LLC   "Michael's expertise in creating data bases with File Maker Pro has been invaluable. As the company grew, we needed efficient ways of tracking deliveries, purchase orders, client information, pricing,employee data, Michael was always able to meet our needs." -- Angie Jensen, Controller, The Ant Farm   "Every time we have had computer issues, Michael has come through for us. If it's something I need to understand, Michael explains it in English, and in terms simple enough for a non-techie like me to grasp. Michael responds promptly, works quickly and maintains a high level of integrity in our dealings." -- Laren Bright, President, Laren Bright Words   "I hired Michael to work on a number of FileMaker Pro projects at Disney and was extremely pleased not only with the end-product, but with Micheal's ability to translate the user's requirements into an application that not only meets the user's needs but exceeds them. I highly recommend Michael and would certainly work with him on future projects." -- Joshua Zauderer, DIrector of Information Technology, The Walt Disney Studios
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Need to Contact Us? Office Hours - Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Pacific Time) Office Phone: 818-706-8877 Skype: michaelfrankel Mobile: 310-291-3419 Email:
What is “Proactive Support”? Proactive means being ready for what's coming. It means you can respond quickly and decisively to advserse situations with a clear and concise plan-of-action. You don't panic, you take constructive action. Wizard Consulting Group, Inc. has partnered with Watchman Monitoring to provide you with hourly monitoring of your Macintosh computers (desktop and laptops). You can see if a hard-drive is having problems, your Time Machine backups are not happening, a computer is infected with some type of malware, or is having trouble connecting to your local network or to the Internet (to name a few of the issues that are monitored). When problems happen, we are emailed and can alert you of the problem. We can work as a team and take action to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand.